*dusts the surfaces and wipes down the cobwebs*

This is still here?  Is anyone is still reading? Probably not, but I like talking to myself.

Boys are great, growing like weeds.  Jack will be 5 at the end of June and is almost 1/2 way through his first year of school.  He absolutely loves it,  and calls all the kids in his class “my preps”.

Sam will be 8 at the end of September and is changing every day.   His speech is improving and for the most part, so is his behaviour.  Have to love autism,  but I guess without it, he wouldn’t necessarily be the Sam we know and love. He is in grade 2,  and loves school too.

They now have weekly swimming lessons and have taken to them literally like baby ducks to water.

Randy is now driving for Queensland Rail (Passenger Services), having transferred almost, 2 years ago from freight.  The hours, while still shift work, are much better for him physically and for us in terms of family time and how much more he sees the boys.

Me? Plodding along.  About to dip my little toe back into the world of paid employment. Part time, temp job in an Aboriginal Cultural Centre,  which teaches Aboriginal culture to school groups.  I will be answering the phone, making bookings etc.  The staff there all absolutely wonderful and I am really looking forward to it.  They have even set it up so I will only be working school hours,  and will still be able to take the boys to school and pick them up

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Blog/diary or ….

an annual Christmas letter.

Not quite sure what category this page falls into.

Halloween today,  and this is how our boys went Trick or Treating;


Sam, dressed as a ghost.  He was supposed to be Buzz Lightyear, but changed his mind at 8.00am this morning. So off to the shops to buy a cheap sheet to turn him into a ghost.



Jack, who was supposed to be wearing a mini doctor costume, decided to be Buzz Lightyear.

Kids, who’d have ’em I ask ya!

They had a blast and scored big time on the loot. That will be sorted tomorrow and selectively handed out over the coming weeks!

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Jack’s Kindy Christmas Party

Lots of enthusiasm, not a lot of talent (a lot like Mummy really)!

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One of “those” mothers….

Pre-kids I always thought I wouldn’t be one of “those” mothers.

You know the ones, always involved in everything.

Principal knows their name (for good reasons  :-p ) all the staff know them.


Sam has just finished his first year of school (here in Queensland, known as “Prep”).

I joined the P&C (same as PTA).

I became treasurer of the P&C.

I made homemade Christmas gifts for the teachers and admin staff. (12 in total).

Teacher's Gifts

Teacher gifts. Shortbread cookies, Christmas Candies, Homemade Mixed Berry Jam and salt dough, star shaped Christmas ornaments, with 2011 on the little star. (Stars are in the school logo/emblem).

Made handmade lollipops for all the kids in Sam’s class to hand out with Christmas cards (and some extras – 30 in total)

Oreo Lollipops

Christmas Lollipops for the kids

I organised the ordering and delivery of 300 Happy Meals from the local McDonalds to the school classrooms (by classroom and child) for the kid’s end of year breakup parties.

I sold raffle tickets.

I made some wonderful friends at the school gate/pick up/drop off.

Yep, I am now officially one of “those” mothers.

Want to know something though……..

I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.

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not a chance….

Due to the absolutely pouring rain, I had considered keeping Sam home from school today.

Then they started fighting.


We leave in 40 minutes.

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working on a new look

gonna make some changes around here, and try to actually post more often. I want to keep this as a bit of a record for the boys ….. if they ever read it is another thing !!!!


pssst, notice the new header  … up there  ^^^^^

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on the move again …


Blog had been rather neglected (understatement of the year I hear you say – pun intended).

Well since that last post, we have moved again.  We were out of catchment area/zone for the school Sam goes to and we were very worried Jack would not be able to be enrolled in 2013. The perfect house in catchment came up at the same time our lease was up at the old place.  We went from not moving, to moved in less than 2 weeks.

I have been made to promise that I won’t do it again next October  ;-p


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